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Area 51 - UFO Stash?

For anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon certainly knowledgeable about the existence of a location on Nevasa United States known sebagain Area 51. What is special about this place? And what is the relevance of this mysterious site with a UFO? 

First, a question that should be thrown is the location of this area 51. If you open a map, you will not find it. 
This is because Area 51 is a title given to a location in the desert in the state of Nevada, the United States in the 1950's and 60's. This location is under the custody of the Central Investigation Agency (CIA). After the Air Force took over the area has been renamed to Detachment 3. 
Area 51 was established in 1955 as part of the complex United States Air Force. It is located in the area known as Groom Lake, about 80 miles north of Las Vegas. In the south of Groom Lake, there is a large airport. The main purpose of this military complex was established to test new aircraft as well as in research and experimental stage. Here also they tested a new advanced weapon system. U-2 spy planes have been built and tested here. Other types of stealth aircraft are also born here. 
Because of this secret activity, it became a sensitive and restricted area. Those who encroach on the edge of this area will be prosecuted. Civil and military aircraft are not allowed to cross or enter the area. In 1974, Skylab 4 astronauts have inadvertently photographed these restricted areas. A memo was issued by the CIA referring to this incident.
Then, specific instructions have been issued to inform American astronauts not to take photos Groom Lake area. So, not surprisingly, many suspect the U.S. government may be keeping UFO that have crashed or conquered the area. What is more interesting is the claim that the U.S. Air Force aircraft was built by learning and imitation of UFO technology from a crashed UFO. Is this all true?

The first shocking proof that this all may be true was when a  man named Bob Lazar claimed he had worked in the area known as S-4 as an adjacent to Area 51 in 1988-89. He was appointed by the U.S. government to examine the crashed UFO technology. Bob Lazar claimed that he saw one of nine UFOs kept there.
Bob Lazar, however, diluted his own credibility of the investigations by failing to find any record of his school. Community scientists also have never seen it. So what is the real motive of Bob Lazar’s confession? Is he really a scientist or did he just pretend to be an agenda of anyone, there is no answer. Bob Lazar claims to work for only a story of UFO technology which is empty without concrete evidence.
To further strengthen this claim, in 1996 a television documentary production company has interviewed a 71-year-old mechanical engineer who claimed to have served in Area 51 in the 1950's.He said he worked to build a flight simulator to train pilots to drive America UFO aircraft. This technology they learned from a crashed UFO. More surprising, he said there were aliens helped them.
In the same year, another claims to have video recording of interrogations conducted by the military along with some scientists on an alien at Area 52. This video has been shown in a documentary entitled Area 51: The Alien Interview

What is interesting in two allegations is that both these individuals have been referring to the presence of the same alien in Area 51. So apart from saving the UFO crash and technology here, there are aliens that help people to people learning about their UFO aircraft. It is difficult to believe all this is happening at Area 51. We need more convincing evidence.
All these claims are also strengthening the conspiracy theory that the U.S. government has the UFO that crashed and the crew. And no other area in the United States can keep or  hide the evidence of this. Wilderness area is an ideal location for this purpose. 
Those who work at Area 51 zone are not free to move around. Each personnel in this area, whether military or civilian employee, subject to their terms of reference. In other words, they can not enter this area at will but only for the task. 
As civilians, we would want to know what all the evidence told by the parties are authentic or not. For this, we need to evaluate them ourselves. If indeed the U.S. government are keeping an example of this UFO, there must be evidence of the fact. But if they build a UFO, the public would not know about it. 
So what can be done is to observe all the movements that occur in the air space above the area 51. And we should also look at the shape of combat aircraft produced today. Is it similar to UFO or not? Bomber type B-2 when viewed from front or side, its form is similar to the UFO. 
All private aircraft flight activity in Area 51 was carried out at night. This is to ensure that no person who is not applicable to see it. If the aircraft was flown using pliers conventional engine, it would sound will be heard even at night and a quiet surrounding Groom Lake.
However, if what is tested is the UFO or aircraft that was built using UFO technology, there will be no sound to be heard. One thing that can not be protected from the view is the light produced by the time it flew the aircraft speed. This is because UFOs can not be separated by a bright light that came from him at night. Some observers are always watching the Area 51 claimed that planes are like UFOs spotted coming from Area 51.
Several years ago, there was a television show titled Golden Dreams where dreams are made reality. There were three people who applied as UFO enthusiasts to visit Area 51. Unfortunately, before this dream became a reality, the plan was terminated. Of course there were many others who had similar interests. The Area 51 can be used as a tourist attraction to the Nevada state government as a highway that leads to Area 51 was named as the Extraterrestrial Highway.
A new book  was published entitled Area 51 by journalist Annie Jacobsen, it claimed that there was a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. According to her, what happened was a Russian-owned aircraft at risk  had accidentally dropped there. In which there were strange creatures which looked like they were genetically modified.

The question is, why are the Russians to undertake this exercise on American soil? Annie answered, Stalin got the idea from the 1938 incident in which Welles Olsen published stories of  aliens landing in America and people into a panic. By dropping the Russian secret aircraft, along with strange creatures in it, Stalin hoped that Americans would panic. Is the theory put forward by Annie acceptable? The answer is no.
If indeed there are strange creatures in a plane that crashed, theU.S. government would have to disclose the DNA tests on the creature sand close the Roswell case forever. But to this day the Roswell incident isn’t deleted. Documents on the Roswell incident are still classified as confidential and Area 51 continues to be a mystery to  UFO researchers. They believe the UFO that crashed in Roswell in 1947 are stored at Area 51.
This issue likely seems to continue to be part of the mystery in the search for answers to the world's number one mystery - UFOs!
Kiky Pramanasari - Various sources

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